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Why Booksopedia

Welcome to BOOKSOPEDIA! Booksopedia offers you the largest variety of books and stationery ever found at a single place. We have over 5 decades of experience in selling, marketing and retailing of books and stationery. Our retail brand NAWAL BOOK DEPOT symbolizes trust, integrity and widespread customer reach, we promise to maintain and improve our services and serve our customers at our very best here at booksopedia. We will make sure that customers must find what they are looking for at the best price one can get and not return empty-handed.

So why go anywhere else to buy books and stationeries!!

Our Story

Our Journey goes back to 1972 when my Great Grandfather Lt. Mr. Raman Das Ji Agarwal and my Grandfather Lt. Mr. Nawal Kishore Agarwal had a poor financial condition but a very strong dedication and willingness to work. They came up with an idea to start a retail shop of books at Chaura Rasta, Jaipur. From a small shop they expanded their vision, with their hardwork they started approaching companies and publishers. Then his three sons as they grew joined them in the business at a very early age. These 5 people gave their sweat, sleep, food and everything and focused only on work.

As a result by 2012, we opened a separate building for stationery in Chaura Rasta and for books in Raja Park. We started gaining recognition and respect from many companies and publishers.

We are being awarded the leading book-seller of India by India's leading publisher group S.Chand five years in a row and with many more awards by different companies. We are known in Rajasthan for maintaining the largest variety of books and stationery products.

As of now we have 5 outlets in Jaipur and considering the change in trend of shopping we are going digital. All our products and services will be now available in every corner of India at the best price here at Booksopedia.com

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Our Mission

To be India's leading ecommerce company and nurture education and enrich offices with our products.

My GrandFather, Lt. Mr. Nawal Kishore Agarwal had a vision of maintaining such a vast variety of products of every companies and publishers and thus provides each and every student in India the best service and most competitive rates so they don't have to waste their time searching & bargaining. Continuing his legacy, BOOKSOPEDIA considers customer satisfaction before anything else. Our team will make sure that every customer query as well as demands are heard and fulfilled as well. We also provide the services of BULK ORDERS at any place no matter the quantity. Items are available everywhere, maybe at your nearby retail store, but services and availability are our USP which we are trying to sell. So just try and let us know your concerns.

Where does the 'Booksopedia' name comes from

This idea of stepping foot in ecommerce was from very long in our mind. At the initial stage we were being suggested many bilingual names (English-plus-Hindi).

But the thing that struck us the most was future scope. We wanted a name that we can go with in international market later on. Also the main part was we wanted a name that can spread through mouth publicity and be capable of branding. I began searching for the right name, browsed through thousands of websites, asked hundreds of people, but couldn't find.

The answer was right in front of me only a little change in viewpoint was required. As I was sitting in my office, right in front of me was Encyclopedia. And BAMM!, I bent the name a little and came up with BOOKSOPEDIA with the thought that like in Encyclopedia & Wikipedia, all the information are at a single place, all the books & stationeries will be available at a single place here at Booksopedia.

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