Choosing the right book for your Examination!

Examination on head and we hunt for material to study? Well, it happens with a lot of students these days. For students who want to study in depth, to those who want to test their knowledge of any subject last minute; it’s important they select the right reference book or sample papers. One should Never choose a book based on mob preference. Choice should be made based on the content that the student wants to focus on and the important topics their teacher suggests. Before giving any examination, an ideal student should always follow the cycle of Read, Mark, Revise, and Test. Read the content thoroughly. Refer other books if the topic isn’t clear. Then Mark the important lines and paragraphs which you think are worth remembering or might be asked in an examination. Highlighter is always a good option. Further, Revise the highlighted points or paragraphs with total attention. Lastly, Test yourself by solving the questions of other books or sample papers. Examination is not meant to scare you. The right direction, and the right book can always help you get the knowledge and marks both. We have already directed you and now it’s time to buy the right book!